On may the first, Charlie went out for an ultra-marathon raising money with #RunForYourLife
It all took place in the city of Vancouver.
Am ersten May lief Charlie einen Ultra-Marathon und sammelte damit Geld mit #RunForYourLife

We were all really confident, he was gonna be great due to all the training lately And so he did!
Wir waren alle sehr zuversichtlich, dass er es toll machen würde, nach dem ganzen Training Und das hat er auch!

A picture was published by @RobbedMyHeart who's watching the BMOVanMarathon at Sunset Beach:
@RobbedMyHeart, die den BMOVanMarathon am Sunset Beach verfolgt, hat ein Bild veröffentlicht

Thanks a lot!

Some pictures of BMOVanMarathon from facebook:

@br_webb (check out his website here) just twittered a pic of Charlie who just finnished his #runforlife (8.50pm German time, 7.50pm UK time 11.50am Vancouver time)

him with Charlie

another picture has just been posted by @RobbedMyHeart (Thanks!!!)  :

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Comment posted by geometry dash( ), 16.02.2019 um 04:22 (UTC):
Honestly, I feel proud of you. Look at me, how successful people crave.

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